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The production of seamless underwear

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The production of seamless underwear

    The production of seamless underwear: Knitted garments are deeply loved by consumers for their ease and comfort, freedom of movement, softness and closeness, and no restraint. They occupy an increasing proportion in people's daily life. With the development of science and technology, knitted garments also have more and more functions and personalities, but due to traditional processing methods, knitted garments have certain stitching. The thickness of the stitching often affects the comfort and appearance of knitted garments, especially tight-fitting, corset styles. With the increasing demand for clothing, especially underwear, and the further improvement of knitting technology, a new generation of fully formed knitted seamless underwear came into being.

The concept of seamless knitting began in the 1980s, when the production equipment was mainly used for the industrial production of socks and knitted clothing. As early as 1984, the Italian company Shengge applied for a patent for a seamless underwear knitting machine, and cooperated with an Israeli company to manufacture some prototypes of seamless underwear knitting machines. Since then, people have started seamless underwear knitting. machine development. With the improvement of production technology, the seamless underwear knitting machine has been further developed and improved. People continue to apply the technology of weft knitting circular knitting machine and socks machine technology to it, gradually adopt computer technology, and introduce new raw material - spandex for knitting, The wearing performance of its seamless underwear products is getting better and better. So far, with the gradual marketization of seamless underwear knitting machines, more and more manufacturers have begun to produce seamless underwear products, and seamless technology has gradually been applied to various fields of clothing except underwear.


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