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Dongguan New Source Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. was No. 3 Wealth Street Tangxia Village Gaobu Town  Dongguan, GuangDong of Dongguan in 2006. Specializes on Servicing and promotion for SINY seamless bonding machine and BEMIS hot melt adhesive film, making seamless bonding process can be quickly applied on relative industry.
The pursuit of our development are not only recognized by the customers,also for their success.

Professional On Seamless Bonding Garments

Still trouble for getting seamless bonding machine for your oder? Siny not only sell machine but its bonding technology & service.
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Public sample room – let you receive orders easily Experience teaching – make your production smooth R&D team – make best use of your machine Professional test - make you have no worries
*Provide free service for customers
If you want to provide samples to customer, no need to buy equipment first or even know the bonding technology. SINY provide free sample making service for customers, just bring or send your fabric cut pieces to our company and we will make it for you.
Provide value-added free service for customers
Provide the following training for your employees:Hot melt adhesive film application、Bonding technology、Process analysis、Production process、QC testing process、Operation technology、Maintenance technology, etc.
*SINY has many sophisticated mechanical and software design engineers in the garment industry so that it can custom machine per customers' requirement or different new workmanship.
*Update the seamless bonding machines when come across with the technical and process problems during the production and guarantee the fully utilization of the machines.
*Provide value-added free service for customers.
Tensile force test, peel strength test, module and reduction rate test, washing test
Determine the type of film, ensure the applicability of fabric, and guarantee the quality of the products.

Folding Machine
Adhesive Film Fusing Machine
Adhesive Film Fusing Machine
Adhesive Film Fusing Machine
Collage Machine
Collage Machine
Collage Machine
Flat Seamer Machine
Overlaped bounding machine
Adhesive film fusing machine
Adhesive film fusing machine
Collage machine
Collage machine
Hermming machine
Hermming machine
Ultrasonic Machine
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Produce seamless underwear   Produce seamless underwear
Seamless underwear produce: knitwear for its ease and comfort, freedom of movement, soft close, no sense of restraint and other characteristics by the majority of consumers increasingly large proportion occupies in people's daily lives. With the deve...
Develop seamless underwear raw materials   Develop seamless underwear raw materials
Seamless underwear knitted products in the application of raw materials, in addition to common natural fibers such as foreign cotton, wool, silk, hemp and chemical fiber, but also use a lot of characteristics of fibers such as Lycra, elastic fibers, ...
Dongguan New Source Automation Technology co.,Ltd. 
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Folding Machine
Adhesive Film Fusing Machine
Collage Machine
Flat Seamer Machine
Overlaped Bounding Machine
Collage Machine
Hermming Machine
Ultrasonic Machine
Seam Reinforcement Tape
High Recovery Tape
Reflective Stretch
High Visibility Seam Reinforcement Tape
Adhesive films for intimate apparel
Overlay Film Colors
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